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The New Wave report describes Internet use in South Africa based on nationally representative survey of 1,589 adults. You can read, embed, share or download the report in pdf here. Or you can read highlights in plan text here. You can see infographics here. You may reproduce the content and infographics from the report subject to providing a full credit including: ‘From ‘The New Wave’ report, written by Indra de Lanerolle, designed by Garage East © University of Witwatersrand’ and in addition, if the reproduction is online, a link to the above url. If you tweet about the report or its contents please include the hashtag #TheNewWave

Who Where and Why...

one in three (34%) adults now use the Internet. More people go online daily (22%) than read a newspaper everyday (17%) Read more...

Young black and school educated

Two out of three Internet users (66%) speak and African language at home, most of them have not been educated beyond school level and four out of ten live on less than R1,500 per month. Most (54%) leaners at school or college are now Internet users. Read more...

mobiles and shared computers

Almost three quarters of Internet users use their phones to connect though only a minority are entirely dependent on mobiles to get online. Most users don't own computers but use PCs to get Internet access via Internet Cafes or other public or shared facilities. Read more...

why people go online

The top five reasons people say they first went online are:
to get information
for study
for work or business
to look for a job

the 66%

Half of those who don't use the Internet say they don't know what it is. Only 4% of them own a computer. One in five adults say they can't easily read and write in English and almost all of these adults are not using the Internet. Read more...

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